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Shark's Cove and Local Beaches Within Walking Distance


Walk past a few houses, and you will find Shark’s Cove, a small rocky bay forming part of the Pupukea Beach Marine Preserve.  This snorkeler's delight is characterized by blue water and an impressive amount of sea life.  Large smooth boulders and coral heads comprise the bottom where light dances with vibrant colors.  There are small caves and ledges for marine life to hide while the walls of the surrounding cliffs provide calmer water attracting schooling surface fish.  Shark's Cove is one of Hawaii's most famous snorkeling and diving beaches, so take advantage of your location and go when the time is right.  On the south side of Shark’s Cove is the Pupukea tidepool; a great place to wade and explore.


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Shark's Cove snorkeling.  The beach house is next door to the white house in the background.

Shark's Cove is one of the Hawaiian Islands premier snorkeling spots.

Water temperatures range from 76 (winter) to 80 (summer).

Depths range from 5-20 feet.

This is your view as you walk to Shark's Cove.

Locals and tourists alike can be found here year round.

SharksCoveWinterWaves.jpg (124560 bytes)

Shark's Cove during a winter storm.

Here we see snorkelers, scuba divers, and people jumping off the rocks.

This is our beach.  Walk north 3/4 mile and you reach the Banzai Pipeline.  After 2 miles you are at Sunset Beach.

Looking back to the Pupukea lava flow.

LogCabinsBeach1.jpg (88295 bytes)

Standing at "Log Cabins", looking back at Ke Iki Beach.

Three Tables is next to Shark's Cove.

WaimeaBay1.jpg (115697 bytes)

Waimea Bay's calm waters (most of the year) offer yet another fantastic beach day.

PhotographersRockyPoint.jpg (124099 bytes)

Photographers at "Rocky Point" like the mornin sun.  This is a typical scene on the North Shore in the Winter.

Sunset03.jpg (79290 bytes)

Taken from Sunset Beach - no mystery how it got the name.

Sunset04.jpg (65935 bytes)

Yawn! . . .  another sunset from the lanai.


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