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What Sets Us Apart From Other North Shore Properties


When you rent a beach house on the North Shore of Oahu, there are many choices.  Is it a good neighborhood?  How is the view?  Which beaches are close?  What is the microclimate right at the property?  What if I just want to get out of the house and take a walk?  If this is your first trip to the North Shore, it is hard to understand the subtleties of one location vs. another.  Almost all our guests are here enjoying their 2nd, 3rd, or yearly trip to Oahu.


Our House at Shark's Cove is the best all-around location on the North Shore.  For an explanation, see the photos and comments below.


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Here:  Grab your stuff and walk to Shark's Cove.  Up the driveway, past 5 houses, and you're there.

There:  Throw your stuff in the car; bring food and water; go early to find a parking place.

Here:  Walk to magnificent Ke Iki Beach - wide, clean, and hidden from the highway making it secluded; uncrowded; only those in the know come here.

There:  All beaches in Hawaii are nice.  This is one you have to see for yourself.


Here:  The Bike Path is steps from your door.  Take a relaxing walk in the morning or evening.

There:  Walk along Kam Highway.

KamHwyThanksLady.jpg (140749 bytes)

Here:  We are separated from Kam Highway by a greenbelt, bike path, Ke Iki Road, and another home.

There:  The highway noise is not that bad.

LanaiWithRainbow.jpg (115545 bytes)

Here:  Look beyond the rainbow and see the bluff in the background.  It blocks the trade winds - look out to sea and you see whitecaps; here, at the house and at the beach, you have much less of a breeze.

There:  Windy.

SunsetViewFromDeck01.jpg (39557 bytes)

Here:  Breathtaking Sunsets.  Watch the sun go down over the ocean.

There:  Most locations on Oahu see the sun set over the mountains.


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