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Hawaii North Shore Beach House Photos of the Surrounding Area


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Ehukai Beach.  Banzai Pipeline is just to the south of this lifeguard tower.

Standing at Sunset Beach and looking south reveals the surf break called Kammieland

Sunset Beach.  The southern tip of Oahu, Kaena Point is in the distant background.

Sunset beach looking north at Sunset Point.  This person's flops will be left undisturbed during their morning swim.

Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District protects the abundant wildlife including the endangered Honu - Hawaiian Green  Sea Turtle.

PipelineWave1.jpg (85638 bytes)

Banzai Pipeline on a 20 foot day - it is less than 1 mile from the house.

SurfContestViewers1.jpg (150263 bytes)

Spectators watching the action at Pipeline.

Shop across the street from Shark's Cove, next to Foodland.

Dawn patrol, Chun's Reef.

One of Haleiwa's many surf shops.

Cheerleaders.jpg (148021 bytes)

Cheerleaders getting ready for the Hula Bowl at Aloha Stadium.

HanaumaBay1.jpg (151509 bytes)

Hanauma Bay (on the other side of the island) is a marine preserve and a world class snorkeling destination.

HanaumaBay2.jpg (123817 bytes)

And it's a wonderful beach.


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