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Oahu Vacation Rental Beach House Items of Interest and Links


When seeking a Hawaii Vacation Rental, it is a good idea  to have a look at other diversions while enjoying your stay  on Oahu at the North Shore Beach House.  Try some of these links and you will begin to get a feeling The Aloha Spirit!



Haleiwa Weather      



Newspaper - Honolulu Advertiser





Newspaper - Honolulu Star Bulletin





Hanauma Bay 



An extinct volcanic crater in one of the most popular locations on Oahu.  This pristine bay is an excellent spot for snorkeling with over 400 species of fish, some of which exist only here.  Do your homework before coming here.  Plan to get to the bay early. The parking lot often fills early and you will be turned away if it is full.  (And there is no other parking close by.)  By getting an extra early start you will avoid long lines at the ticket booth and snorkel concession.  It is closed Tuesdays.



Haleiwa Chamber of Commerce


Haleiwa Chamber of Commerce.  

Tons of good information about the community and the North Shore.  An excellent website.



Endangered Species


NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Protected species division.  The mission of the Protected Species Division is to recover and maintain Hawaiian monk seal and Pacific sea turtle populations.


The Hawaiian Monk Seal population is currently estimated at approximately 1300 - 1400 animals, and it is the only endangered marine mammal found entirely within the United States.  Despite decades of protection and management, which have enhanced population growth at some locations, overall numbers have declined and the species is now considered to be highly endangered to the point that a natural catastrophe, such as a disease epidemic or a mass biotoxin poisoning event, could lead to extinction.


Sea turtles are designated worldwide as threatened and endangered. The principal species of concern to Pacific Islanders are the green (threatened) and hawksbill (endangered) turtles. Population declines have occurred in the Pacific Islands as the result of nesting habitat loss and excessive and widespread harvesting for commercial and subsistence purposes.



Maps of Oahu


The Hawaii DRIVE GUIDES feature detailed island maps, touring tips, and activities.  Make your choice of restaurants and eateries easier as you travel around Hawaii by using your Drive Guide Maps, which might not list all these restaurants (only advertisers have the honor of map listings), but will steer you in the right direction. All restaurants and reviews are listed alphabetically by district.  If you like to know how to get around, visit this site.  All maps are available for download.







Surf Report for the Island of Oahu.  Includes North Shore beaches, wind, tides, forecast.  A true surfer would have this as their homepage.



Dole Plantation


The Dole Plantation is a working pineapple plantation that blends old and new. It is dedicated to the perpetuation of the Hawaiian agricultural heritage. Visitors can learn how the Dole enterprise grew from a two-horse farm to the largest producer and marketer of pineapples in the world.

The Plantation’s main attraction is a gift store selling pineapple related foods and gift products. Behind the store is a garden filled with different pineapple varieties. Although the garden is quite small, it gives you a chance to actually see pineapples growing and to see the various kinds of pineapples grown in different parts of the world. Dole has also developed the "world’s largest pineapple garden maze" which is adjacent to the garden.


Address: 64-1550 Kamehameha Highway (Route 99)

Phone: (808) 621-8408



Ala Moana Shopping Center






Hawaiian Dictionary             





Pearl Harbor



On a quiet Sunday morning December 7, 1941 a Japanese surprise air attack left the Pacific Fleet in smoldering heaps of broken, twisted steel. Here, peace was interrupted and paradise lost. In hours, 2,390 futures were stolen, half of these casualties from the battleship Arizona.



Surf Report from Pat Caldwell

Pat Caldwell is the guru of North Shore surf forecasting.  A surfer and marine meteorologist, his detailed forecasts measure waves from the face, and include 'significant' wave height:  size of the waves in the 'set'; and '1/10' wave height:  size of the biggest waves of the day.  What surfers will not find will be local or traditional surf values measuring the surf height from the back of the wave. Forecasters and ocean specialists say those heights underestimate the waves' height and threaten public safety.



Current Surf Conditions 

From the Honolulu Advertiser.  A quick report on the waves for different parts of Oahu.







North Shore Website


Aloha and welcome to Oahu's North Shore's official website. On this web site you will find the latest news, surf, weather information, calendar of events, information on local beaches, the latest news, and surf and weather reports.  You will also find information on great places to eat along with a list of things to do and see.



Polynesian Cultural Center


Aloha . . . Welcome back in time to ancient Polynesia. A time when men trained for war, fished in the open ocean in hand-carved boats and climbed trees for the daily staple — coconuts. A time where women wove baskets from banana leaves, kept thatch-roofed homes in repair and depicted history through graceful, sometimes lively dances.


Located in nearby Laie, this popular tourist destination is Hawaii as people like to think of it . . . grass skirts, shaking hips, pounding drums and colorful dress in a backdrop of grass shacks and tropical foliage.



Discovering Hawaii


This is an excellent guidebook, one worth purchasing before your trip.  The website is packed with good information.  Check out the Circle Drive map.




NOAA Weather Page for Hawaii

This will tell you everything you wanted to know about Hawaii weather.  Follow the links to Current Conditions / Observations then navigate to State weather roundup and buoy reports. To find out the water temperature at Waimea Bay, go down the page and see “WAIMEA BAY BUOY.”



Oahu's Guarded Beaches

Some of the best lifeguards in the world practice their craft here on the North Shore.  Home of epic, big waves, the Banzai Pipeline, world famous Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay lies a veritable board and body surfers' paradise.  The lifeguard's North Shore page has descriptions of many North Shore beaches.



This Week Magazine


June 2005This site lists good old fashioned tourist activities.  From helicopters to horseback, windsurfing to whale watching - where to find it.  Another good resource for Oahu activities; maps, descriptions, phone numbers, and more.







Surf Museum


Surfing was said to have been the one sport in ancient times which Hawaiian Chiefs and the common kanaka shared in common. Early visitors to these islands were amazed that the natives would play in that part of the ocean that they had grown to fear the most. To take control of a breaking wave and actually ride it to the shore was something the most experienced seamen of the world had never considered. On Oahu's North Shore, men and women together surfed the waves known to them as Paumalo, named for the waves that were torn off the swimmer. We know that break today as Sunset Beach, the crown jewel of Hawaiian surfing sites. As good as the waves were on the North Shore, they remained a secret known only to the locals for some time.


Even as late as the Mid 1950s, the destination of visiting surfers from the West Coast was Makaha, site of the first International Surfing Contest in 1953. Makaha was, at that time, the place for big rideable waves. As Greg Noll recalls: "The North Shore in those days was as remote as the back side of the moon, the Great Taboo Land. The subject of many spooky stories and legends."  While a few locals occasionally surfed at Paumalo, the best of the North Shore breaks, so well known and famous today, then lay ignored, unnamed and unridden.


When crowds at Makaha chased Noll and his friends to the North Shore, one fateful day, they spotted a young Hawaiian named Henry Preece surfing all alone at Haleiwa. When he invited them to join him, the stage was set for a shift in emphasis from Makaha to the wide-open spaces of Haleiwa and beyond. Over the next few years, Noll and other Californians pioneered the various North Shore surf spots. One of those surfers that pioneered the big waves at Waimea was a photographer named Bruce Brown. He is said to have named both Pipeline and Velzyland. To get an idea of how uncrowded the breaks were in those days, check out Bruce Brown's 1960 film Barefoot Adventure, now available on video at the North Shore Surf and Cultural Museum.




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